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B I O 

Megan Posas is a visual and performing artist currently residing in beautiful Kauai, Hawaii.


Posas grew up in the Midwest, where she also received her BFA in Painting at the Eskenazi School of Art. After graduating, she spent many years living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she was fully immersed in the Bay Area art & circus scene. Not only did Posas hone in her painting practice and exhibit her work in curated shows, exclusive art auctions, art fairs, and private tech events - she also had the opportunity to train professionally with the Mongolian Contortion and Circus Centers of San Francisco. Performing and painting became equal parts of her creative identity and continue to influence one another to this day.

With the pandemic came some big life and priority shifts for Posas. Living somewhere safe and family/community oriented became more important than career or achievements.

Her work happened to lead her to Kauai, where she is blessed to currently call home.

When Megan isn't painting, she can most likely be found free diving or surfing, as well as training, teaching, and performing the art of contortion around the island. Posas considers it a gift and her purpose in life to be able to share her forms of art with others teaching, exhibitions, and performances.


H E R  W O R K

Megan's art is directly influenced by her environment, the seasons of life, and her own spiritual and emotional growth. Using playful color relationships, she interprets the world around her and within through a vibrant lens. 

House Portraits and Urbanscapestwo of her earlier bodies of work spanning over the first few years spent living in San Francisco, are love notes to the city. These paintings embody the beautifully quirky & free spirit of SF. Seaside Revelations and Anemones turn to the ocean as a means of healing and enlightenment, while PoppiesAerialscapesWandering, and Reefscapes were all created during the pandemic and explore themes of abundance & protection, uncertainty, and escape. Her current work, Intuitive Landscapes, are the first works made after moving from San Francisco to Kauai. Inspired by the Hanalei taro fields on the north shore, each of these abstracted aerial landscapes were painted quickly and intuitively (completed within a few hours) and mark a new chapter in Posas' creative journey.

Posas uses drone photography and digital painting as preliminary sketches for larger oil paintings. Her paintings float somewhere between abstract expressionism and realism, challenging the viewer's perception of believable color relationships in representational painting.

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