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B I O 

Megan Posas grew up in Indiana and comes from a family history of Mexican migrant workers and artisans. Posas was one of three students accepted into the BFA Painting program at the Eskenazi School of Art at Indiana University, where she graduated with honors. Shortly after, she moved to San Francisco with two suitcases and her easel. Posas' creative career took off from there: her work has been included in many exhibitions around the Bay Area: including curated shows, exclusive art auctions, art fairs, solo exhibitions, private tech events, and more. Posas' work was represented by a contemporary art gallery in Pacifica, CA for several years, and artworks of hers hang on the walls of collectors' homes around the world.


In January, after nearly 9 years in the city, Megan decided to take a leap of faith and quit her "day job" (a full-time nanny of 10 years), uproot her thriving studio practice, and trust that there was creative purpose for her somewhere new. When doors started opening on the island of Kauai for her to pursue visual and performing arts full-time, she followed the call.


Posas relocated from San Francisco to Kauai in January of 2022, where she is re-establishing herself creatively and works out of her home studio.

H E R  W O R K

Megan's art is directly influenced by her environment, the seasons of life, and her own spiritual and emotional growth. Using playful color relationships, she interprets the world around her and within through a vibrant lens. 

House Portraits and Urbanscapestwo of her earlier bodies of work spanning over the first few years spent living in San Francisco, are love notes to the city. These paintings embody the beautifully quirky & free spirit of SF. Seaside Revelations and Anemones turn to the ocean as a means of healing and enlightenment, while PoppiesAerialscapesWandering, and Reefscapes were all created during the pandemic and explore themes of abundance & protection, uncertainty, and escape. Her current work, Intuitive Landscapes, are the first works made after moving from San Francisco to Kauai. Inspired by the Hanalei taro fields on the north shore, each of these abstracted aerial landscapes were painted quickly and intuitively (completed within a few hours) and mark a new chapter in Posas' creative journey.

Since the onset of the pandemic, Posas has introduced drone photography and digital painting into her creative process, using these technologies as preliminary sketches for larger oil paintings. Her paintings float somewhere between abstract expressionism and realism, challenging the viewer's perception of believable color relationships in representational painting.

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