Artesanía Femenina


Since childhood I have revered my grandmother for her remarkable ability to construct anything out of fabric.  This lifelong admiration has prompted me not only to explore the traditional handcrafts of knitting and sewing, but also to remember my family’s past.  Artesanía Femenina is a body of work that merges formal elements of painting with my appreciation and curiosity for “lost arts” as well as my longing to reconnect with my Hispanic heritage.  


Inspired by textile arts, I arrange setups using recognizable tools and types of fabric.  I carefully chose objects with certain shapes and colors, as well as fabrics with different textures and surface qualities to best serve the painting.  Although the work revolves around knitting and sewing, it also focuses heavily on aspects such as: color interactions, intense saturation, varying textures, and fluid line.  The paintings are purposefully and boldly composed in order to communicate the delicacy, patience, and care that knitting and sewing projects require.  Artesanía Femenina gracefully grips familial tradition while embracing my own femininity and heritage. 



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